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At Last...

No, not the song by Etta James (which is the beautiful song my husband and I danced to at our wedding), but AT LAST we can finally announce that we will soon be taking pre-orders for our women's uniforms... HOORAY!

This month celebrates Green Buffalow's five year anniversary (happy birthday to us!). We can't believe it has been this long. But, we have been working tirelessly in the background to find the best way to offer you the best fitting and safe uniform that you need. Now that we have announced it by press release where 112 media outlets picked it up in two hours, Green Buffalow Leading the Charge, we already have articles and reposts sharing in the joy of our news, like this one from Entrepreneurs Develop Improved Gear for Women Firefighters. Please follow our Instagram & Facebook to see our journey and updates, links on our Home Page.

This isn't just a win for women in Wildland Fire, but it's a win for women entrepreneurs, women in male focused industries, and a win for our nation to offer the best help to those who are working to protect us. And don't worry men, we haven't forgotten about you. Our help for you will come along shortly. 

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