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Orders for Women's Wildland Firefighter Uniforms now available!

We have been working to offer you the best fit for women's firefighter uniforms. For years, we took note of all the problems you presented us with and we are happy to offer you a solution... Green Buffalow, the best fit in Wildland Fire gear.


Green Buffalow Women's Wildland Fire shirt (Aspen Shirt):   

  • shaping to fit you in all the right places   
  • articulation for superior range of motion 
  • hidden drop pockets for extra storage
  • gussets to increase vertical arm movement
  • inverted pleats to increase horizontal arm movement
  • sleeve pocket for ease
  • specialty sizing



Green Buffalow Women's Wildland Fire pants (Noble Pant):

•contouring fit that moves with you, not against

•a rise that increases range of motion and won't hinder hiking

•properly sized pockets in the correct places

•hidden drop pockets

•specialty articulation

•gussets for added mobility

•specialty sizing


All of this paired together is our Technical Athletic Fit™, which gives you an exceptional fit that moves with you, not against. It will allow you to work at your best, instead of hindering your performance. Click below to purchase your best fit  Aspen Shirt, Noble Pant, or your FR Mask today! Or check this out if you are looking for Wholesale | Bulk orders