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The Best Fit in Wildland

Green Buffalow Wildland Uniforms coming August 24th! Nearly six years ago, we set out to make the best fit in wildland because we saw the need, we heard your pleas, and we believed that everyone deserved a uniform that fit. While we're launching a Women's uniform first, we'll be launching a Men's version soon, so stay tuned! We listened. There's no denying reimagining and redesigning wildland uniforms has been a journey rather than a sprint. We're ok with this because our journey allowed us to hear from all of you – who are in the trenches and doing the work and wearing the...

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1% For Eric Marsh Foundation

From the beginning, we've always had a 'why' behind the things we do and the garments we make: ensuring every body had an option for a uniform that fit their body, creating the best fit in wildland, and making sure our loved ones were in garments that kept them safe, just to name a few.  We're thrilled to share that we'll be donating 1% of all sales during our launch week beginning August 24 - August 31 to Eric Marsh Foundation. Just like most in wildland, the Eric Marsh Foundation and their mission is near and dear to our hearts and your purchase of...

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Masks, masks and more masks!

We hope everyone is doing well and staying healthy. Over the last few months normal day-to-day living has been impacted in some way, shape or form. We've shifted gears like many others. Working and helping our kids with remote learning has been a wild ride! But in all honesty, we are beginning to feel we work best with lots of chaos. Lol.                     Making FR Masks wasn't on our radar, and certainly wasn't the first item we thought we'd be launching. But being in the midst of COVID-19 and the 2020 fire season, our plans...

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At Last...

AT LAST we can finally announce that we will soon be taking pre-orders for our women's uniforms... HOORAY!

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“Everyone else has brought us problems--Green Buffalow is the only one who has brought us SOLUTIONS”. And to that, we say thank you. -Green Buffalow, Ltd


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