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Wildfire Industry Collective

The Wildfire Industry Collective (WIC) is a non-profit business league founded by former wildland firefighters and industry professionals. Born from the urgency to address one of the most pressing issues of our time - wildfires, WIC aspires to make tangible changes.

Wildfire management is in need of modernization. Change comes by providing wildland firefighters with advanced equipment, innovative products, and state-of-the-art services. 21st-century solutions mean better planning tools for fire prevention, mitigation, and preparedness. These advancements not only benefit the firefighters but also safeguard the communities and natural resources they protect from wildfires.

WIC's multifaceted mission includes safeguarding federal discretionary budgets related to wildfires, and ensuring firefighters have access to necessary tools, products, and services each season. Simultaneously, WIC seeks to bridge the communication gap between industry and federal and state customers, fostering a dialogue platform for knowledge exchange and addressing concerns.

Crucial to WIC's approach is its emphasis on collective action. By uniting stakeholders from local communities to federal offices, industry leaders, and frontline firefighters, WIC enhances mutual understanding and collaboration. This unity aims to spur innovation, encourage best practices, and effectively tackle the escalating wildfire challenges.

At its core, WIC is a proactive collective committed to championing a unified response to one of the most formidable challenges we face today.

Green Buffalow is proud to be a member of WIC and honored to be among the ranks of the incredible businesses and professionals working together to make a difference.