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Sustainability efforts

nature view of forest while on the riverSustainability is on the forefront of a lot of people's minds. We have been given a beautiful privilege to take care of our earth, and preserve all the beauty in nature. Here are some ways that we are focusing on sustainability with our company and with the companies that we partner with. Hopefully this list will continue to grow, as we do. 

closeup of yellow fabric on sewing machine
Small batches of product equals less waste of materials and the natural resources to make those products. Offering pre-sales allows us to have less fabric consumption. In addition, we do not have to warehouse excess goods. This lowers the amount of times a product is being moved, which reduces our carbon footprint. 

beachview littered with trash from not recycling
Green Buffalow is GREEN... in more ways than one. We are focused on recyclable packaging products to avoid more plastics winding up in our landfills, rivers, and beaches. Using green and recycled items whenever possible is our goal. Though our industry requires specific materials to be used, which limits the options of sustainable products we can use, we are thinking outside of the box (a recycled one).




stacks of multi colored fabrics to sew
Our manufacturing partner has an LED-lit factory, reducing the amount of electricity being used. Fabrics are cut precisely to reduce waste in excess materials. Automated laser cutter minimizes fabric consumption and eliminates the need to print paper patterns.