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We jumped at the opportunity to  travel to San Antonio late 2018 for  a special sizing meeting called for  by the NFPA board. WOW! It was  a very exciting and nerve wracking  trip. It was our first NFPA meeting  that we had attended, so we  didn’t really know what to expect.  Plus we took this amazing  opportunity to present our findings  and just a snippet of the  testimonials that we have received  from all of you. You told us how  much you needed better fitting  uniforms (men & women), how restrictive your current NFPA compliant uniforms are, and you told us how much you LOVED OUR FIT (for the lucky ones of you who have had the opportunity to try on our samples). We were blown away by how well we were received by the NFPA board and how they really wanted to support a change in sizing.

The ability to meet personally most of the members of the NFPA board, meant so much to us. We have spoken with many of them via email and over the phone, but it was a different story to look them in the eye and shake their hand. We could see the sincerity in their faces of how they just needed help to make a better fit, and how much they cared about all the WLFF’s. They do want them to have great uniforms that don’t inhibit their work, that don’t chafe them and make them bleed, and to protect them the best way possible. So this is where we have been able to work together with them.

Many members of the NFPA board told us that they have asked several different brands for help in the past for new sizing, but yet, no new sizing was made. Who knows why… all we know is that we are willing to do the work and bring about change to make a difference to those who are putting their life on the line. One of the NFPA board members stated to us, “Everyone else has brought us problems--Green Buffalow is the only one who has brought us SOLUTIONS”. And to that, we say thank you.


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