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Behind the Fit

To create Green Buffalow's Technical Athletic Fit we have been studying sizing and fit, since 2015, in many different athletic and tactical fields who need great range of motion. In conjunction with studies, surveys, and focus groups, we were able to identify many of the needs and wants of the wildland community. We have presented information and served on a Sizing and Design Task Group for the NFPA 1977 committee to help with sizing. Green Buffalow developed our Technical Athletic Fit not only for women, BUT we are working on the same for men. Green Buffalow’s specific sizing combined with our designs gives you a better fit. The Green Buffalow Technical Athletic Fit was developed to create ergonomic garments that move with you, not against you. It’s all in the details!

So shop our women's collection today and hopefully you will get a glimpse of the love and detail that we have poured into designing these Wildland uniforms just for you.


The Green Buffalow Technical Athletic Fit™ That Moves With You

For Green Buffalow's Aspen Shirt, we have heard your desire for great range of motion in the arms without an excess of fabric that gets in the way, a chest that fits without being oversized or pulling, and pockets that actually hold what you need them to.   

Green Buffalow Aspen Shirt

The specialty shaping in the arms of our firefighter uniforms was created to give you incredible range of motion when you are moving your arms in a vertical motion, while greatly reducing the tendency of your shirt coming untucked. This also decreases the amount of fabric needed, so you aren't swimming in your shirt.

Concealed drop pockets have two locations on our shirt to give you more storage solutions for your firefighter gear. These pockets are properly sized and in the best location for access. This allows you to wear your packs with ease while still having access to your pockets. Drop pockets are sized for larger phones and your IRPG. With the proper shaping of the shirt, it allows more room for a women's figure while still being able to access pockets.

Back inverted pleats have been extraordinary in increasing the front to back range of motion for arms. This, paired with the specialty shaping in the arms as mentioned above, creates an extraordinary collaboration for uninhibited motion. 

We have listened to all the minute details that you have told us, even if you thought we weren't listening. We even added a buttonhole on the collar so you have a specific spot to keep your earplugs that is quickly accessible.


For Green Buffalow's Noble Pant, it was loud and clear that you needed a rise (crotch) that did not hang halfway to your knees where you would have to pull up your pants just to hike, you needed pockets in the correct size and the right location. After many fit and wear trials we were pleased to present in Green Buffalow's first season of wildland fire gear in 2020. Shop to see our current offerings.

Green Buffalow Noble Pant

For your Wildland Fire pants, we are excited to give you a shorter rise in the crotch, which is what you all have been asking for. You can now hike and crouch with ease! Contoured comfort waistband with elastic back, allows pant to stay in place through all your activity.

Pockets are located at the perfect spot for you to access with ease. Concealed drop pocket, perfect for large phone or IRPG, allows for extra separate storage to keep all your belongings organized. Cargo pocket with space creating techniques has room for all your items... including your murse and all your Wildland Fire gear.

Knee articulation allows for great bending and range of motion while decreasing the amount of fabric that touches the skin. 

Back pockets are exquisitely designed to extend so you have more room for all that you need to shove in there. Plus the access in and out will be a breeze.

Curious about sizing or need help? Visit our Size & Fit Guide for more information.

*All our materials are NFPA 1977 Certified