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typewriter typing news of Green Buffalow Wildland gear

Green Buffalow is honored to be serving those who serve us. We have been working in the background for you for years. Listening to needs and developing wildland fire gear with the best fit possible has been our goal. Also, we have been petitioning the NFPA, attending their meetings, and presenting our findings to them. We have done all this to try to help them create rules and regulations to allow for a better fit for firefighter uniforms for women and men. Please follow along with us on this journey. It's been quite a trip already... and we can't wait to see where this path leads! 

"Company Designs Firefighting Gear for Women": Specialty Fabrics Review, August 2020: What a surprise to be selected to be in this publication by the Industrial Fabrics Association International. We are definitely in good company! Take a look to see all the amazing things happening in the advances in this industry worldwide

"Life and Work with Korena Hallam and Summer Hurd": Voyager Denver, April 2020: Check out this fun article that really helps you get to know who Green Buffalow is and why we are working hard to create the best fitting Wildland Fire gear for all

"Green Buffalow Leading the Charge in Changing Female Wildland Firefighting Uniforms": Press Release, March 2020. We are so excited to have this press release out to the media so they will be aware of the need for proper fitting PPE for women's firefighter apparel 

"Entrepreneurs develop improved gear for women firefighters": bizwomen, March 2020. Honored is the best way to describe how we feel about being picked up by bizwomen, and to help bring light to the topic of needing a good fit for women's wildland fire pants and shirts