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We Created the Best Fit in Wildland Fire Gear

We're passionate in our beliefs that everyone deserves to have the best fitting uniform for their body so they can focus on work rather than restrictions of their gear. For individuals or agencies who will settle for no less than the best firefighting uniforms for their wildland needs, Green Buffalow makes the best fitting, most comfortable wildland fire gear available. 

Green Buffalow was founded by Technical Designers that truly understand how to create a proper fit. That's why we've spent years perfecting the fit and style, paired with the right fabrics to design the most ergonomic uniforms available that will feel great, reduce heat stress, and allow for the most movement. 

Why We Do It

We are Summer (left), and Korena (right). Many of our loved ones and family members have served in various types of fire suppression, from wildland to city fire departments. We've seen the hard work, the determination, the long weeks, and the sacrifices they give to keep our communities safe. We've also seen the struggles they've encountered with finding uniforms that fit right, don't restrict movement, and don't look or feel good. Our backgrounds in Apparel Merchandising and Design married with our knowledge of the needs of wildland fire gear, allow us to make an impact through the innovative designs and patterns we've developed to create a Technical Athletic Fit™ for both women and men. In conjunction with what we have done on the design side, we are the first female owned and operated company to have actively worked with the NFPA 1977 Committee in regard to sizing issues.


Our Name Origin

When we chose to walk this path, we had many late night meetings trying to pick the perfect name to encapsulate all of the goals and ideas of what we wanted to represent. Then, one night, our name picked us. 

While doing research, we happened upon a historical story of the first known documentation in the United States of a wildland fire. Captured from the Lewis and Clark journal entry from 1804, it stated '...a boy went unhurt in the midst of the wildfire flaim...because a green buffalow skin was thrown over him by his mother. The fire did not burn under the green buffalow skin, leaving the grass around the boy unharmed." We knew immediately GREEN BUFFALOW must be our name. So when you look at our logo, see if you can find the mirrored image of the boy whose life was saved by that Green Buffalow skin. 


Technical Athletic Fit™

They say that good things come to those who wait... that may be true in some regards, but we believe good 'ole-fashioned hard work pays off as well. The Green Buffalow Technical Athletic Fit™ is a fit that moves with you, not against. We developed our coined Technical Athletic Fit™ for this industry over several years of listening to the needs for good fitting firefighter apparel. Then, we paired that with our studies of the technical aspects of uniforms and gear for many different athletic fields who need great range of motion, safety from fire hazards, breathability, and comfort for long durations in the field. For the shirt, we have heard your desire for great range of motion in the arms without an excess of fabric that gets in the way, a chest that fits without being oversized or pulling, and pockets that actually hold what you need them to. For the pants, it was loud and clear that you needed a rise (crotch) that did not hang halfway to your knees where you would have to pull up your pants just to hike, you needed pockets in the dimensions and the right location, and overall you needed a fit that moves with you, not against. After many fit and wear trials we are pleased to present in 2020 Green Buffalow's first season of wildland fire gear. Shop to see our current offerings.