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About us

Green Buffalow is proud to make the best fitting, most comfortable Wildland fire uniforms available. We’re passionate in our beliefs that everyone deserves to have the best fitting uniform for their body so they can focus on work rather than restrictions of their garments - that’s why we do what we do.

portraits of owners of Green Buffalow in green shirts

Why We Do It

We’re no strangers to the fire life. Many of our loved ones and family members have served in various types of fire suppression - from Wildland to city fire departments. We’ve seen the hard work, the determination, the long weeks, and the sacrifices they give to keep our communities safe. We’ve also seen the struggles many have encountered with finding uniforms that fit right, don’t restrict movement, and don’t look or feel great.

Green Buffalow was founded by Technical Designers that truly understand how to create a proper fit. That’s why we’ve spent years perfecting the fit and style to develop what we call our Technical Athletic Fit. Paired with NFPA certified fabrics, our uniforms feel great, fit great, allow for movement and reduce heat stress.

We are the first female owned and operated company to have actively worked with the NFPA 1977 Committee on sizing issues. Since 2015, we’ve been constantly working to ensure there are options for those who need them.

Our Name Origin

Green Buffalow logo mirror image of boy in buffalo face
While doing research, we happened upon a historical story of the first known documentation in the United States of a Wildland fire and it solidified our name as soon as we read it. Captured from the Lewis and Clark journal entry from 1804, it stated ‘…a boy went unhurt in the midst of the wildfire flaim…because a green buffalow skin was thrown over him by his mother. The fire did not burn under the green buffalow skin, leaving the grass around the boy unharmed.”

If you look closely at our logo you can see the mirrored image of the boy who was saved by the Green Buffalow skin.

Meet the founders

What happens when two women with a background in apparel design and a passion to create something that allows them to give back to those who put their lives in danger daily? Green Buffalow. While our story is filled with more twists and turns than straight roads, the journey has all been worth it. Years before we’d end up working together, we went to high school and part of college together - so, we’ve known each other for a long time. Fate and geographic proximity in Colorado brought us back together many years later, as we were both longing for a change in our careers that would allow us to live out our passions but in a way that could benefit others. From years of research, hearing from those in Wildland, sewing and testing patterns, conducting fit trials, and working with the NFPA 1977 committee, we are proud to have launched a uniform that truly fits. 


Korena Hallam smiling headshot in Kelly Green shirt for Green Buffalow

Korena is the mom of two boys and the wife of a Wildland firefighter. Being a fire wife for over 20 years has given her a front row seat to the Wildland industry and a deep appreciation for those who find it their calling. It’s also provided a unique view of what was missing and the daily struggles many have with their uniforms; seeing individuals doing physically taxing jobs and wearing ill-fitting uniforms just did not make sense to her. With a background in apparel merchandising and design and working in different facets of the industry for over a decade, Korena loves the design process and connecting with the customers. Green Buffalow was a way to give back to those she appreciates and to put her passion to work.



Summer Hurd smiling headshot in Kelly green jacket for Green Buffalow

Summer has been in the apparel design industry for over 15 years and considers co-founding Green Buffalow to be a dream come true and one of her proudest achievements. Summer has had the opportunity to work across many different areas in the apparel industry which provided her a solid foundation and wide knowledge of how it all works together from sketch to final product and everything in between. Being married and a mom of four keeps Summer busy, especially with a big passion for the outdoors — from mountain hikes, bike rides, camping, walks, swimming and skiing. She likes to get her family outside as much as possible to enjoy the beauty of nature.