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The Best Fit in Wildland

Green Buffalow Wildland Uniforms coming August 24th!

Nearly six years ago, we set out to make the best fit in wildland because we saw the need, we heard your pleas, and we believed that everyone deserved a uniform that fit. While we're launching a Women's uniform first, we'll be launching a Men's version soon, so stay tuned!

We listened.

There's no denying reimagining and redesigning wildland uniforms has been a journey rather than a sprint. We're ok with this because our journey allowed us to hear from all of you – who are in the trenches and doing the work and wearing the uniforms – to better understand what you need from a uniform. 
A few years ago we put out a survey as an open call for input to better understand your struggles with uniforms and what things you needed. 80% of respondents were women, and their experience in wildland ranged from under a year to over 31 years. The responses were astonishing, and honestly, made us want to fight even harder to bring these uniforms to life. So many of you are wearing uniforms that don't fit correctly, that cause chaffing and even bleeding and bruising. You told us the crotch hangs too low, the waist doesn't fit, and the extra fabric means you can't move quickly, the bulky fabric gets caught on brush and branches. SO many of you also told us you look unprofessional and frumpy. 
These responses were the driving force for reimagining wildland uniforms from scratch. We created our Technical Athletic Fit that is made for your body while allowing for maximum movement without restrictions. 
Our new Women's Aspen Shirt includes all of the safety you demand, with some extra touches that ensure comfort and fit that only Green Buffalow can provide: 
  • We've developed shaping seams in our shirt for a better contouring fit in the chest, waist, and hips to eliminate excess fabric
  • We added gussets in the arms to give a flexible vertical movement that doesn't pull on a tucked-in shirt
  • We added inverted pleats on the back shoulders to increase the range of motion for the arm
  • We provide elbow articulation that ensures movement while keeping fabric from pressing on the skin, which helps to decrease burns
  • We added a concealed drop pocket with velcro closure for easy access to a phone or IRPG
  • Available in Petite, Regular, and Tall sizes so you have options and a fit that works for you

We didn't stop at just a shirt. We've reimagined pants too, creating the Women's Noble Pant. A few features that make these pants the best fit in wildland include: 

  • A comfort waistband that conforms to your shape
  • Proper rise in pants and contouring fit so your pants work with you instead of against you
  • Proper length and width of pant legs for a great fit and no extra fabric to be a hindrance in movement 
  • Knee articulation that allows for a great range of motion and to reduce burns
  • Detailed shaping that gives great ability for kneeling and hiking
  • A contoured gusset that allows for a comfortable fit and eliminates the saggy crotch and tight fit
  • Available in Petite, Regular, and Tall sizes so you have options and a fit that works for you

Launch Specials Coming Soon

We're just about ready to launch the Green Buffalow Women's Wildland pant and shirt options. To celebrate, we've got some special deals available ONLY on launch day, so stay tuned. 

Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter so you hear about the details first. We can't wait for you to feel the difference and wear the best fit in wildland! 

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