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We are proud to finally offer you the solution you have been waiting for!

You have waited long enough for the best fitting firefighter uniforms for wildland. We listened to your needs to develop our Technical Athletic Fit™ - a fit that moves with you, not against. Developed by Technical Designers, Green Buffalow meticulously designed technical attributes in our wildland fire gear that move with you, fits in all the right places, has properly sized pockets, and is made from the NFPA 1977 approved fabrics that you know and love that keep you safe... but with a fit that you have only dreamed of... till now. See below our current purchase options. 

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As the saying goes... "see a need, fill a need". And that's just what we have done with our FR Mask. Made entirely of FR fabrics, it has a comfort lining to not only keep you safe, but keep you comfortable as well. The inside contains a pocket for a removable liner, (non-woven such as a tissue suggested, not included), as well as an adjustable cord for a comfortable and unisex fit. Click here to shop for our unisex FR Mask


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 Pre-Orders coming soon! We have been working with sustainable practices to offer you the best fit for women's firefighter uniforms. For years, we have been taking note of all the problems you presented us with and we are happy to offer you a solution... Green Buffalow, the best fit in Wildland Fire gear. For our shirt, we added shaping, articulation, hidden drop pockets, and gussets to give you an amazing fit that will not hinder your work. For our Women's Wildland Fire pants, we gave you shaping that fits, a rise that won't hinder hiking, properly sized pockets with the correct placement, and hidden drop pockets. Combining these features with our specialty articulation and gussets, we created the best fit that outweighs the competition... hands down. Click here to shop and see what all the buzz is about.





Men, don't worry, we are listening... and yours aren't too far behind! We are currently working on creating you the best fit and sizing for all of your needs as well. See here what we have been working on for you. Please join our mailing list below to keep updated to all our happenings. Who knows... you might get selected to be in a wear trial or a fitting for us. Keep watching!